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I noticed 47% tax has been deducted from my royalties. Why is this?

The deduction of tax at a rate of 47% from your royalties is due to our requirement to withhold Australian withholding tax ("PAYG"). This deduction is applicable because we have not received notification of your Australian Business Number (ABN) or a signed "statement by a supplier" form. To comply with tax regulations, we are obligated to deduct withholding tax on all your royalty earnings.

If you have an ABN, it needs to be validated and active on the Australian Government Tax website. If your ABN has been cancelled, we are required to remove it from our system and deduct withholding tax from your royalty payment.

Form A: Author/Editor/Contributor GST Questionnaire

Form B: Cambridge University Press Australia Agreement

Statement by Supplier Form

Once you have filled in all forms, please return these to us digitally through our Contact Us form.

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