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What functionalities are available on Author Hub?

The following is a summary of currently available functionality:

Page structure

  • Unique, descriptive page titles are present on every page
  • Logical heading structure is used – all pages have unique heading 1 followed by descriptive heading 2 and so on
  • Lists are used where possible (e.g. navigation)
  • Tables are used for tabular data only, tags used for header rows and header columns
  • The reading and navigation order is logical and intuitive
  • Instructions do not rely on shape, size, colour, sound, etc.
  • Skip to content link(s) are present
  • Text is re-sizable without loss of content (text reflows)

Colour contrast

  • Colour alone is not used to convey content (e.g. colour coding)
  • Colour contrast ratio (foreground vs. background) is at least 4.5:1


  • All images have a valid alt attribute (decorative images have alt value of null)
  • Linked images have an alt attribute that describes the destination page
  • Button images have an alt attribute that describes the function of the button

Audio and video

  • Subtitles and transcript/descriptive text is provided for audio/video *
  • Audio description is provided for video *
  • Audio can be stopped, paused and muted
  • All controls are accessible via keyboard

Moving Content

  • The user can switch off any time-limits
  • Automatically moving, scrolling or updating content can be paused, stopped or hidden by the user
  • No content flashes more than 3 times per second


  • Buttons have descriptive values
  • All form fields have associated text labels
  • Related form elements are grouped with field set/legend
  • All form labels are unique and informative
  • The form label provides instructions e.g. if required, minimum length, etc.
  • Form error/validation messages are clear and intuitive, providing instructions and suggestions


  • Link text is unique and makes sense out of context
  • Multiple ways to navigate through the site - navigation, sitemap, crumb trail, search, etc.
  • Links are distinguished from surrounding text - e.g. underlined, bold, etc.
  • Highlighted state of links - active, hover, focus

Keyboard access

  • All functionality is available via keyboard - e.g. forms, tabbing through the links, etc.
  • Access keys / keyboard shortcuts are better avoided (due to compatibility issues)
  • Keyboard focus is never locked or trapped
  • It is visually apparent which element has the current keyboard focus


  • No unexpected changes to the page, e.g. on focus or interactions or auto-updates
  • Consistent elements throughout sites, e.g. navigation, search boxes, general layout etc.


  • Lang attribute is set
  • Page content in a different language is identified
  • Significant HTML validation/parsing errors are avoided
  • Mark-up facilitates accessibility including HTML specifications and using forms, form labels, frame titles, etc. appropriately. Use of WAI-ARIA for dynamic content changes, roles and keyboard access
*currently under review
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